Long Distance Towing

Your car might fail on you at times, but nothing is worse than having your car break down miles away from your place. Towing your vehicle becomes increasingly difficult if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and don’t have anyone to help out. Of course, having a friend to tow your vehicle makes sense, but do you think your friend might be ready to travel for miles to bring back your car? Again, that’s extra trouble for both of you. That’s why you will need a long distance towing service to help you out.

We make sure that your vehicle gets delivered to your place, even if you have left it miles away from Rogers. We make a proper trailer setup and make sure that your vehicle is sound and safe with us, until you can take it for a repair. We always make sure that the following safety measures are included in our long distance towing process:

Set up proper tongue weight – When it comes to towing an SUV or any other heavy vehicles, we make sure that we set the tongue weight to about 20 to 25 percent of the total weight of the trailer. This will ensure the stability of the link between your vehicle and our towing truck, and make sure that your car is safely tied to the towing truck when it’s being pulled for over a long distance. You don’t have to worry if your vehicle doesn’t have enough rear suspension; we always come equipped with equalizing hitches for ensuring the soundness of the bond between the two vehicles.

Our safety chains hold tight – Our towing workmen always cross the safety chains with additional safety mechanism so that your long distance towing process goes smoothly. We chain from side-to-side and make sure that your vehicle is moved in the safest way possible. If your vehicle has been damaged or the tires are flat, or even if you wish to carry your vehicle to your place we will do it for you. Our heavy duty trucks will simply load your car and drop it wherever you want.

We inspect our towing sessions – When it comes to long distance towing we always make sure that we pull over and make a quality check of how our towing mission is progressing. We do a walk-around inspection of the safety chains; check if the tongue weight is holding well; and also make sure that the cables withhold until the next inspection check. If we are transporting your vehicle in our load truck, we make sure that the process is happening safe and sound.

We also add additional safety to the bonds, using electrically operated brake system that can hold the vehicle being towed even when the hitch comes apart. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your vehicle when it comes to long distance towing with us. The next time you’re a long way from home, just call us, sit back, and relax. We’ll take care of that long distance towing for you!